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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Traffic Exchange programs

One way to gain traffic to your site or blog are Traffic Exchange programs, so I'll try to explain how they work. It's kind of surf to surf program, you visit other sites and collect credits. It's true that your visitors that way stay shortly on your site, about 30 seconds, but it is important to emphasize that 65% of visits to any sites do not last longer than 2 minutes, regardless of how they came to it. That period of time is sufficient to evaluate whether your content meets their interests. However, important for you are those other 35%, those who are interested in your content, those who recommend you to their friends and because of which your site will become successful. Here the list of websites providing such way of internet promotion, all you have to do is:
1. Signup for a free account and activate it
2. Login and add your sites/URL.
3. Add your free credits to your site.
4. Start the surfbar and earn more credits, means "earn" more visitors to your site

There is no rule which one of Traffic Exchange programs is the best for you, different programs sometimes makes more or less success. The best way is to try as many as possible.
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  1. Did you register for all of these?

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