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Saturday, January 29, 2011

OK, let's see... 2,918 visits, 11 followers, 0 comments in two days :( Well, it's a start... I would probably have more comments in "Spam Tips Blog" :) All I can tell so far is that the system works, some blogs doesn't have so much visits in several months. Tomorrow, I will put here few words about international site promotion options, non-english sites... I feel a bit lazy right now, so... maƱana...


  1. I'll check back tomorrow n see what you've got

  2. for 2 days 2k is pretty jawdrop awesome. Continue - but whtz ur blog all about?

  3. What's your secret? I'd like to increase my traffic :)

  4. read my previous post about website promotion, you can find there explanation how

  5. Promotion tips lol
    Its a great blog idea!